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Various monitoring and measurement programs of the federal and state governments analyze the status of the environment with PCDD/F and PCB. The Observation of the pollution of environmental media, such as soil, air, water, biotic indicators, but also of feed and food and human indicators (eg. blood, breast milk) with persistent organic materials allow trend evaluations. In particular the impact of initiated reduction measures on emissions, to the immission, deposition, contamination of feed and food and ultimately the mother's milk (as the last link in the food chain) can be determined.

For this kind of documentation of monitoring programs the relation to the objectives of the study, the sampled compartments, the methodology of sampling and analysis are important informations. These so-called metadata occupy a great part of the information in the POP-Dioxin Database. Through the implementation of a modern IT architecture within the Environment Object Catalogue of Bavaria, this metadata can be browsed.

This list of measurment programs can be downloaded or opened:

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The DioxinDB dataset covers about 48.000 samples of various environmental and human regions. About 620.000 measured datasets of dioxin-, furan- and PCB-congeners, including exactly calculated toxic aquivalents (TEQ), are provided.

daily updated inventory of samples DioxinDB:                   

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